After cooking and working for almost three decades in the food industry, I am cultivating the proper way to share my knowledge and experience on creating awareness for a healthier lifestyle.

  Inspired by my love for teaching and motivated by people’s constant questions about food and techniques, I have decided to respond to the calling of this service and pursue a different route in my journey. By creating awareness and developing a conscience on better lifestyle. I am devoted to growing with the people around me, anywhere from yoga techniques to a healthier way to consume fresh local food.

  Throughout my journey, I’ve always had a deep relationship with the ocean. I was born in the Caribbean Seas of Venezuela, and this love for the Tropical Islands has expanded to Puerto Rico, where I currently reside. I was raised in a family where water sports were part of the lifestyle; going surfing, sailing and fishing was always present. My mother’s love and arts for fun & colorful vegetarian cuisine was also very influential.

  I had the blessing of moving to San Juan, Puerto Rico to help my friend open the first vegetarian bed and breakfast in the island. With an abundance of good waves, amazing people and diversity of fresh ingredients, I stayed on the island and created Tu Chef PR, a complete service of culinary experience, that offers catering, consulting, private chef services and cooking classes. Through this offering and by visiting local farmers markets as much as possible, I was brought closer to the Puerto Rican families, traditions and sustainable organic farming community.

  I am grateful, lucky and blessed to have the opportunity to travel and work doing what I love, I have become more invested in experimenting with the finest and freshest local ingredients available. It is always a wonderful opportunity to present my clients with new dishes, while also teaching them about their benefits. At the moment, the best and the easiest way to contribute to help many independent small farmers and producers is by using the Puerto Rico Produce©️ application on your phone, you will be able to acquire the freshest food with the highest nutrients for your people. Also, you can go on the weekends to the Farmer’s Market, every Saturday's in Old San Juan and Sunday in La Placita Roosevelt twice a month.
  Let’s travel around cultures and traditions together and explore new experiences on the culinary frontier. Let's help other people eat better so we can be the change that everyone is calling for.