Chef and Sommelier 101| Creating Experiences

Chef and Sommelier 101| Creating Experiences

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Chef Nico Gómez from 1041 Gastronomía de Barrio  and Cocina Abierta's Sommelier, Arturo Campos have teamed up to bring you this unique class. 

While learning the essential techniques to prepare Chef Nico's dishes, discover the guidelines that the Sommelier utilizes to create the perfect wine pairing. 

Let us surprise you with the wine selections that you will enjoy with each course. 

Come and treat yourselves in this distinctive class! 



Butternut squash brûlée | "Requesón" cheese | Micro Arugula


Ricotta cheese gnocchi | Curry sprouts | Pancetta


Smoked eggplant fetuccini | Goat Cheese | Lamb stew 


Strawberry & Corn Panna Cotta 


Vegetarian choices available.